Frequently Asked Questions

What is the requirement to get started?

All you need is an Android smartphone (Version 5.0 or later) and a mobile phone number, or contact your area agent.

What is the service charge for booking?

As a farmer booking is completely free, and we charge a 6% from tractor/drone owner payment on service completion.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, of course booking can be cancelled before service is ongoing, as a farmer you'll pay a commission of ₦ 100 for cancelling before the booking has been accepted or ₦ 200 after the booking has been accepted.

When should I mark a booking as completed?

As a farmer you're to ensure service has been completed on your farm before you do on your mobile app, because funds are released to be tractor/drone owner wallet immediately and might not be reversible.

What is my locked balance?

Your locked balance is the sum of all your pending bookings, they are reversed to your main balance when a booking is cancelled or deducted when a booking is completed.

How do I find more items closer to my farm?

To discover more items closer to your location you have to navigate to the settings screen, tap on the "Map settings row" and increase the radius of your circle. The limit is 200 Kilometer.

What are the supported credit card providers?

Currently we support Mastercard, Visa, and Verve.

Can I get part payment when the service is not yet completed?

NO, you have to complete the service before you can get paid. We might look into this as a feature in the future.

How I do get paid as Operator?

Tractor/Drone owners are required to pay their operators out of the earnings from each service completed.

How do I find Operators?

Tractors/Drone owners are the only set of people that can find operators near them, simply navigate to the operators tab and click on the search bar at the top of your screen.

Is KYC mandatory?

No, KYC is not mandatory, but we advise you to pass the KYC exercise to have a verify badge on your profile to earn more trust from other users.